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Accelerating sales, lowering the cost barrier to enter the Web3 market, and making it accessible for everyone. Tailored for digital assets, tokens & RWAs.

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$ESE token

Empower your experience with $ESE — the utility token driving our ecosystem.  Stake $ESE to unlock high APY earnings, revenue sharing and referral programs, exclusive airdrops and additional perks within the eesee ecosystem.

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Maximize your trading profits by selling your digital assets at your preferred price, regardless of market conditions. Enjoy fast and secure transactions for NFTs, Tokens, and RWAs all on one platform.

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Buy premium assets for less

Join eesee win-win marketplace to buy high-value digital assets without spending a fortune. Pay only a fraction of the asset's value and engage in secure on-chain raffles while earning an Airdrop with every action.

Testnet statistics

Testnet Statistics
Connected wallets
Cumulated wallet assets
Over the 90 days, all wallets have made 9.04M transactions worth
Testnet active users
(22 Nov - 20 Mar)

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Who is behind eesee?

  • Vova Sadkov

    Vova Sadkov


  • Aiden Chen

    Aiden Chen

    Blockchain QA Engineer

  • Alex Stephan

    Alex Stephan


  • Mark X

    Mark X


  • Alex Drobenkov

    Alex Drobenkov

    Head of Design

  • Ivan Menschikov

    Ivan Menschikov

    Lead Blockchain Developer

  • Oscar Flari

    Oscar Flari

    Chief Design Officer

  • Alex Grigorev

    Alex Grigorev